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Traditional Customs or Festivals

Unseen footage from this year's "Atopa" festival in Gomoa Fetteh, Central Region.

The “Atopa” festival is an annual celebration held in September by the inhabitants of Gomoa Fetteh and its environs in Ghana's Central Region.

The people's habits and standards, as demonstrated in their strange festival dance, were proudly shown, as they were every year.

Men can choose any woman and dance with her in the "atopa" dance. These guys are permitted to grasp, caress, and smooch the woman's bottom and other crucial body regions.

The lady must not refuse any attempt by a guy to dance with her, according to tradition. The “Atopa” celebration has been questioned in recent years, but it appears that the residents of Gomoa Fetteh are ready to keep their age-old tradition alive.

Videos from this year's "Atopa" event show a group of excited young males taking advantage of the festivities to grind women's bums... Molesting, manhandling, and cajoling these women on occasion in order to gain access to the vulnerable parts of their bodies.

The majority of the women positioned their bums perpendicular to the corresponding position of the men, indicating that they were also enthusiastic about the festival. The drums continue to beat loudly, sending energizing vibrations into the dancers' waists, encouraging them to participate fully in the "Atopa" dance.

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Atopa Central Region Gomoa Fetteh


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