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400 Years Old: Check Out The Oldest Cloth In Ghana And Who Wears It.

No, it is not made of cotton or silk, or any material used in making traditional clothes that you know of. It is equally not ordinary and hence not worn casually. It is a traditional and fortified cloth worn by the Akwamuhene on very special occasions.

One of the very rare occasions the cloth made a public appearance was about four years ago, in Kumasi.

The name of the sacred cloth is ‘Mahoney’.

It was worn by His Royal Majesty Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, Akwamuhene, on the 3rd day of Ashantehemaa's burial in 2017.

Mahony is a cloth “ntowma” made out of a lion skin and cowries and dated back 400 years. Mahony is a traditional bulletproof worn by Akwamuhene during war. The only thing that can destroy this special cloth according to oral history, is a sacred stone.

It is very possible the Akwamuhene decided to wear the cloth on that occasion because of the special bond between Asanteman and Akwamuman.This relationship dates back to many centuries.

Akwamuhene Ansa Sasraku played a crucial role in the formation of Asante as he was responsible for the safeguarding of its king Osei Tutu as well as providing soldiers who became integral part of the new kingdom.

The gesture showed by Akwamuhene is remembered till today. King Osei Tutu I even created the Akwamu stool in Asante. It is believed that Asante adopted Akwamu war set up or plan.

Places like Adum and Asafo in Kumasi have lineages which can be traced to Akwamu. This is mainly because the soldiers who provided protection for Osei Tutu Kofi on his return to Kwaaman (now Kumasi) were made to settle at what is now known as Adum( from Anim) as well as Asafo.

A dig into the past our history brings more than we can imagine.

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