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If your cylinder catches fire in the kitchen do not panic, do this to quench the fire without damage

Mostly people tend to mishandle dangerous equipments such as gas stoves which leads to disasters such as fire outbreaks and could cause the loss of lives and properties.

Sometimes a little bit of seriousness and courage can prevent a very big calamity of occurring that will have serious consequences on people.

Let us get to know how to simple ways of turning of flammable fire usually caused by gas stove explosions or leaking cylinders pipes which may lead to fire outbreaks and burns if not well managed or handled.

1.Once you notice you’re gas cylinder brining do not try to trim of the fire by pouring water on it as it will rather be a waste of time and the cylinder may explode into you. Take a cotton cloth and make it wet thoroughly by seeping it into a bucket of water or by the kitchen sink tap and placing it on the burning cylinder to quench the fire immediately.

The wet cloth prevents the supply of more oxygen to the flaming fire which is the main source of combustion and thereby turning of the fire.

Ensure to place fire extinguishers on your kitchen and make sure they’re are working by testing them once in a while for efficiency. Avoid using rusty and old gas cylinders as they leak the liquid petroleum gas and a little contact with live or flammable fire will cause it to burn.

Avoid placing your cylinders in your kitchen as this is the first step at which fire out breaks occur, if you’re stove is placed outside it reduces any chance of a possible fire outbreak.

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