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Do You Remember The Actor Who Played 'Liu Kang' Role in Mortal Kombat? See How He is Looking Now

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In our early childhood, there was this very interesting movie that every child was eager to watch and most people developed a great love for that movie. I am talking Mortal Kombat movie. One of the most favorite role in the movie was the character, Liu Kang. You are going to read and see pictures of the actor who was behind the character.

Shou Wan Por who is professionally called Robin Shou was the man behind the Liu Kang character in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He is a Hong Kong actor, stuntman and martial artist. His role in the Mortal Kombat made him known and famous. Shou entered Hollywood after appearing in about 40 movies during his Hong Kong career.

Shou made his first debut with an American TV film called Forbidden Nights with Melissa Gilbert. He starred in the movie, Mortal Kombat, where he played his role as Liu Kang, when he returned to Los Angeles after going back to Hong Kong. He played a role as Conroy Wu/Roland Ho in the video game, Sleeping Dogs.

Shou has played in many roles in numerous movies. He played a role in the Death Race franchise as 14K, Gobei in Beverly Hills Ninja and Gen in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Shou's nickname during his Hong Kong career was Wai Lung, a Cantonese screen name meaning "mighty or powerful dragon".

Check some current photos of him below:

Robin Shou is one of my favorite actors and I loved him for his role in Mortal Kombat. Drop your opinion, like and share this article with others.

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