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Know The Power Of Happiness And Also Enjoy These Funny Pictures.

Happiness is about more than just a positive attitude or a good mood. Happiness comes from a deep sense of well-being that allows a person to be happy regardless of external circumstances. The Power of Happiness gives deep insights into what happiness is and how to reduce worry, stress, and frustration.

We all like to have these positive feelings. Besides feeling good, positive emotions do good things for our brains and bodies.

They lower stress hormones, help ease anxiety and depression and improve our immune system. Feeling some positive emotions every day has a big effect on our happiness and well-being.

If you are attractive, you are more likely to be happy in life. According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin. Daniel Hamermesh, professor of economics said, "The results are very simple: Better looking people are happier".

Remember that Jesus loves you more no matter who you are so give your life to Jesus and remain the happiest person.

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Power of Happiness University of Texas at Austin


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