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Take This Leave And Put It In Your Pocket, Take A Walk And Checkout What Happens

Richness leaf is the scientific name for this leaf, which is also known as "Newbouldia laevis".

This leaf is unique among the numerous trees known to mankind because of a few powerful forces. We live in a strange world where you can't expect everyone to wish you well, even those who grin at you and judge your situation on a regular basis to know how you're doing.

There are instances when we choose to visit a location and have the feeling that it may be dangerous or dirty, and that those who intend to harm you severely may be present. Entombment services, town meetings, and even walks down the avenues are examples of such settings.

Simply put a leaf from this tree in your pocket and go strong to feel safe and strengthened. You will never be hurt, regardless of how much they try.

There is no scientific evidence for this, but it has been used in practice by our forefathers and has proven to be extremely effective in keeping them safe from alien harmful chemicals.

You may try it and see what happens, but if you don't like the results, you should probably leave it alone. Unpleasant kola also fulfills this function, but it is most effective when poison has been consumed orally, such as through food or beverages.

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