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Don't always be in a rush to be friends with a rich person because not all of them are givers-Shasta

Shasta is a young motivational speaker and he has been educating the youth on how to become respected people. Shasta has said some powerful statements in his recent video and it has made a lot of people on social media get educated. He said, "Don't always be in a rush to associate yourself with any person that you see because not all of them are givers".He said you have a lot of rich friends but still won't get support in times of difficulties.

But you can have a friend who is a giver that person will not be rich but he or she will always help you in times of difficulties. Sometimes some rich people will only associate themselves with you because they have seen something special in you that they will use for their gains. When they are done with what they need then they will leave you behind. Not every giver is a rich man and some rich men are stingy they are always taking something from people and they don't give. Some people don't have some but they give, they support and they are also kind to people. The last statement he said was that" Be friends givers, date givers, and be a giver yourself".

You can see the reaction of people from the above comment section. All the people agreed with him because they think what he said the truth and there is no lie in his statement he said. One lady said, "Some rich men or people will come to your life and use you to achieve what they want from you and they will leave you to suffer".This statement has been agreed upon by many people on social media. His last statement was" Be friends with a giver, date a giver and be a giver yourself".

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