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Check out these pictures of the past years from our childhood

Gone are the days, we used to enjoy these beautiful scenes. I'm the past years, life was so enjoyable, we used to play with so many things which we used to enjoy and have fun. Oh, life at that time was very interesting, children used to play with a lot of interesting things like, playing ampe, playing asoso, killing birds and doves with the catapult. But, nowadays, life for children is very boring, they no longer play with the above games mentioned. So people named this generation as the indoomie generation.

Check out these games that we use to play from our childhood:

Can you remember the

big fanta that you used to receive from dad and mom at Xmas celebration.

Check it out

What of these cares?

Can forget our toffee for that time

See pic below!!!

Wow, this is really awesome, indoomie generation step aside, sorry you won't understand these pics....

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