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Laugh A Minute (funny pictures)


You Are Welcome To My Channel. Considering the current economic hardship in the country under this Akufo Addo-led NPP government, I believe we all need some sort of tension and stress relievers to keep us sane before we go berserk.

Here are some funny snippets and pictures I found online that gave me a good laugh or at least made me smile and forgot the exorbitant price of fuel for a bit of time.

1. Holding the batton for the family

2. Baring teeth at you

3. Well, how do I caption this 😂😂

4. You have been warned oo

5. Ask again 😅

If you are fortunate to have a formal job, the recent meagre 4% salary increment means if you earn GHc2,000 your money only increased by Ghc80.

Well, Ghc80 I believe can give you a two-day uber ride, a piece of yoghurt/ fanice with Rock buns (that lives up to its name; - Hard as rock😂🤣)

Right about now, If you are enjoying this piece, a 'Follow' to this channel would be... 😉 Marvelous!

And oh, in case you forgot, now you're done laughing, come back to reality. The economic hardship of the country is still unbearable.

Kindly share and leave a comment about which of them was the best for you. And I will see you... in the Next One, ✍(◔◡◔)Peace out.

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