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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Funny Quotes And Pictures That Will Light Up Your Day. Click Here.

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At the end of this article, you are going to be filled with laughter and joy. The following are funny quotes and pictures for you to have a sweet happy.

A. If a guy dumps or breaks your heart, take his phone and leave. Call his mother and tell her he's dead. You can't be crying alone girl. She must also feel the pain for not raising him well.

B. This relationship thing is really not for everyone. Some of you are just meant to say "wow, nice couple", and continue drinking alcohol.

C. Satan has the guts to make war in heaven with the most high and you are telling me he would be scared of a sticker because it has your Prophet or Pastor's face on it? Nonsense you aren't serious with life 

D. Dating A Secondary School Girl Is Okay Until U Take Her To A Restaurant & After Eating..She Takes The Knife & Write On The Table "Mhz Candy La Cukiss Was Here" 

E. Two women entered the bus at same time and there was only one sit , so two started fighting on whom to sit . as other passengers start getting bored the driver shouted ; "

Let the ugly sit on the chair! "

They all stand until their destination.

F. Men are always Happy Creatures... WHY?

1. Their last name stays with them forever.

2. Phone conversations last just for 30 secs flat.

3. A five day vacation requires only one jeans.

4. If someone forgets to invite them, he can still be their friend.

5. The same hairstyle lasts for years or even decades.

6. They can do shopping for 25 relatives in 25 minutes.

7. They don't freak out when they go to a party and see another man wearing the same shirt, instead they become buddies...and enjoy.

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