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Meet this small-scale seamstress who is now the owner of one of the best pre-schools in Accra.

It’s not everyone who gets it easy in life right from the onset. There are people who always start from very low points but through hope, perseverance, and hard work are able to rise through the heights of life and achieve their greatest potential.

You can start with a particular career field and will never be happy with what you do and then, you finally figure out what makes you happy and fulfilled in life. When that moment comes, never cease to make the best out of it and go forth in that line. 

Here is the story of one dressmaker who used to sew clothes in her living room but lost most of her clients at a point due to life situations and upon realizing her love for children, started a school with no degree in education.

She had this to say about her journey in an interview with Afia Amankwaah...

She is known as Charlotte Amaki Tachie-Menson. She is an Ada. She always loved to sew even from infancy and upon completing her O-Level education, went ahead to learn how to sew professionally. She said her “Madam” really liked her because she was really good at what she did. After training for two years, she was offered a contract to work there on a payment basis and after doing that for two more years, she had to go start her own venture.

After leaving her previous place, she started sewing clothes in her living room and got some clients from her mother's friends, and her sister.

 After getting married, she moved from Dzowulu to Parako estate and then to Tesano where she lost most of her clients and was usually left all alone at home with her baby. She had a thought to make good use of the house premises since the sewing business wasn’t flourishing and that's when she decided to take care of little children due to her love for this. This would also solve the problem of being left at home alone.


She then decided to take a short course in model nursery training school to learn how to properly take care of babies which took four months to complete.

Her intention after the training was to take care of just babies from four months to two years old and then be taken to a pre-school but she eventually included a pre-school after 8 years due to countless requests from happy parents. Her school, Early Days Pre-school has been in existence for 18 years.

She encountered some challenges along the line where she had just one child for 4 months and she wondered what she wasn’t doing right. Thankfully, she pushed on as that was what she wanted to do and then the numbers started rising. The only staff she had also used to miss work quite often leaving her very stranded. She was also accused of dragging one of the kids which according to her wasn’t true and could have gotten her into serious problems. The parent ended up redrawing the child.

Her husband was working with a printing press and assisted her with most of the paperwork that had to be done. 

She stated that she has never run any advertisements for her school. It’s just a signboard that’s at the front of the school.

She is the mother of three girls. Her first is at the University in her 3rd year, the second is in her 2nd year and the last one, about writing her wassce.

Her advice to her viewers was to be sure to go in for what their heart desires and to know that, no matter how difficult one’s work is, you’ll always sail up with hard work and perseverance.

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Ada Charlotte Amaki Tachie-Menson


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