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Who Is A Witch Or Wizard .... Opinion

Sometimes society is unfair to the aged group as they accuse them of being a witch or wizard in their life without any actual evidence.

And this article is intended to shed light on those things happening in society and help one understands those terms.

Anything that retards progress or success is deemed wizard or witch and I believe that are several things that cause that but why do we as a society always see the older folks as witches and wizards. 

We all know witches and wizards hate progress so let's come to our life; the past and little things we are still doing, can such things bring progress.

An individual at a young age earning good money won't do anything for himself or the family, spends on girls and friends and at some point in their life, they get these generation pastors to point some people in the family as people behind their downfall with asking him about his past life and the current one.

The gossip, backbiting, dating married people, the disrespect, and among others, don't these things retard progress and why don't we see it as the witches and wizards in our life but instead accuse the old folks who played a very big role in our upbringing as those behind our success. 

Let's leave the old folks alone to enjoy their remaining lives, getting to the age of 70 is not easy as death these days has nothing to do with age anymore.

Always remember to check your life first, the past and things you are doing now, those things can be that witches and wizards, not people.

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