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These are funny pictures that will make you day. Laugh your teeth out and do not forget to like it.

At her birthday party, she was told to cut her cake and she ran into the garage, brought out a cutlass about to cut the cake.This guy was so drunk that he thought Jesus had turned the stone to bread

She had not used a gun before and she was trying to use it for a first time. She thought there were no bullets inside so she was checking for bullets through the muzzle and mistakenly her right thumb flicks over the trigger

Hmm...this man wanted a mango fruit to eat. He spotted one mango tree near a prison wall and decided to climb up the tree. As he was up there nearly to pluck the mango, the branch on which his legs were on broke. Instead of falling back where the mango tree was, he rather fell into the prison compound and the prison officers came to take him thinking he was trying an escape.The church service was going on fine until when it was time for praises the pastor said the best dancer takes the offering bowl home.

Come and see buggy.

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