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Why Ananse had 8 legs

Once upon a time, long time ago, there lived a spider called Ananse. Ananse's wife was a very good cook. But always, Ananse loved to taste the food that others in the village made for themselves and their families.

One day, he stopped by Rabbit's house. Rabbit was his best friend indeed.

"Are those beans in your pot?" Ananse asked excitedly. Ananse really loved beans.

"They are not quite done," said Rabbit. They will be soon. Stay and eat with me"

" I would love to, Mr. Rabbit, but I have some stuffs to do," Ananse said hurriedly, if he waited at Rabbits house, Rabbit will certainly give him work to do. " I know" said Ananse. "I will spin a web, I will tie one my leg and the other end to your pot. When the beans is done, tug on the web, and I will come running!".

Rabbit thought that was a very great idea. And so it was done.

" I smell beans" Ananse sniffed excitedly as he ambled along. "Delicious beans in a cooking pot"

" Come eat with us", cried the monkeys. " We are almost done".

" I would like join you. Papa Monkey" said Ananse and the same way he suggested that a web should be tied around his legs and the pots of the Monkey's.

Papa Monkey too thought it was was a great idea. And all his family thought same too. So Ananse went along.

In some few metres he smelt a new flavour.

"I smell sweet potatoes" He sniffed happily as he ambled along. " Sweet potatoes and gravy, I do believe!".

"Ananse" called Mr. Buffalo. " My pot is full of gravy and sweet potatoes. Come and let's dine together"

"I would love to" said Ananse. And again,he suggested the same idea. And it was seems to be great.

The time Ananse got to the River, he had one web tied to each of his two legs.

" This is so wonderful" he told himself proudly.

" Wonder who's food will be ready first?" Just then he felt a tug at his leg. "Ahaa this web is from Mr. Rabbit's", just then he felt another one too. Unfortunately, there was tugs all around the web. And his legs begin to divide and possed 8 legs.

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