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1st July Used To Be A Remarkable Day In Ghana, But Currently It Is Losing Its Value And Purpose

Today is 1st July, 2022 and it is a Republic Day in Ghana. It was observed as holiday but it's currently a commemorative day. From 1960 to 2018 it used to be a public holiday in Ghana but it was changed from being a National holiday to Commemorative day.

History of 1st July or Republic Day

In Ghana, Republic Day is celebrated on the 1st of july every year. The day signifies the establishment of Ghana as a sovereign republic or nation in 1960. Even though Ghana gained independence from the British in 1957, but it was only in 1960 that the country became a sovereign country.

On the 1st of July, 1960, after a constitutional referendum and presidential election, Ghanaian president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared the country a republic and became the first President of Ghana.

What 1st July Used to be.

This day which is today used to be one of the days that, one will get up and expect to hear great words from the President of the country. It was a day where Ghanaians will be given the privilege to stay home and not go to work. Most people knew what this day was because it's a holiday and it reminds them of what happened on the 1st of July, 1960.

Ghanaians get to know why the day is reserved and observed as a holiday and what they are supposed to do as patriotic citizens.

What 1st July is at the moment

But from 2019 up till today, you barely remember if today is even a day to remember. Of course it is now a Commemorative day, a day to remember that Ghana is now a sovereign country and this happened in 1960 but it is no longer a holiday.

1s July has is losing it value

July 1 in Ghana at the moment is more like a normal day, most people do not even remember if today is the day Ghana became a republic and got a Ghanaian as a president to lead us into a new life. Ghanaians had suffered from oppressor's rule for a long time but the gaining sovereignty made us stronger and independent.

People were able to remember this precious day because there is a day to remind them. It used to be a holiday and past Presidents normally speak to the public about it so most Ghanaians remember that day, but today not many even know that today is republic day, because nothing reminds them of it. If people do not remember this day the how will they know the essence of 1st July in Ghana. Gradually Ghana is losing its history.

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