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Habits and Customs


Traditional Customs or Festivals

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Festivals are occasions during which thanks are given to the gods/ancestors for their protection, and also mark the beginning or end of harvest season.

The following are major tribes in Ghana and their respective festivals.


1.Bugum festival: this is celebrated by the people of dagbon, Gonna, Mamprusi and Nanumba. It commemorates the flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Madina but has now become more of a traditional festival than religious.


1. Damba: It is celebrated to mark the birth of prophet Mohammed. It is observed by the Dagombas, Gonja, Mamprusi, and Nanumba. It is taking a traditional tone now than Islam.


1. Dipo festival: A puberty festival observed by the Krobos(Somanya and Odumasi) in the Eastern region. Girls at puberty are initiated into womanhood.


1. Aboakyir(deer hunting) festival: It is celebrated in the first Saturday of May by the people of Wineba. During the festival, two warrior groups engage in a competitive deer hunt in a nearby game reserve. The game is sacrificed to invoke good health, bumper harvest, bounty fishing. Formally, it involved catching a live leopard but due to its risk, the gods were beseeched to accept a deer.


1. Bakatue: bakatue literally means opening up of the lagoo. It is observed by the people of Elmina to mark the beginning of the fishing season.


1. Homowo: celebrated by the people of the Ga traditional area in the greater Accra region. Homowo (hooting at hunger) is observed to commemorate the great hunger that was eventually followed by bumper harvest.

2. Kundum: celebrated by the western regional tribes of Ahanta, Nzema. It is a period of cleansing stools and prayers for goodness.


1. Fetu afahye: celebrated in the Cape Coast traditional area. It is a period of adorning new and colourful clothes.

2. Kobine festival: it is a post-harvest festival observed by the Dagaabas to thank the gods and ancestors for a bumper harvest.


1. Hogbetsotso festival: celebrated by the Anlo Ewes in the Volta region to mark their historic migration from southern Sudan and their escape from wicked Kings like Ago-koli.


1. Adae festival: celebrated by the Asantes . The beauty and rich culture of Asantes is displayed during this season. Asante chiefs adorn themselves with gold ornaments to show how rich they are. It is a period of Thanksgiving and prayers.

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