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Inside Car Enjoyment: Lady With Huge Backside 'Twerks' To Entertain Friends In A Car (VIDEO)

When a group of people are travelling together to an occasion, they normally sing songs and play music to entertain themselves before they get to their destination. This gingers them up for the program and also reduce boredom whiles they are travelling a long journey to the occasion. Some people also dance and make noise in the car all to entertain their friends in the car.

But the lady in your picture was captured seriously twerking for her friends in the car. Checking the screenshot from the video below, the lady with a huge body and backside like that of 'Di Asa' ladies stood up from her seat.

The lady then climbed the car's seat and put her knees on the seat. She pulls her backside up and twerks heavily for her friends in the car. The men in the car were captured looking at this lady with all their attention.

Because of the size of her buttocks, people in the car have no option than to watch and record her for her wonderful entertaining performance for the group. She was able to twerk up till the time the music being played in the car stopped. All the people in the car were cheering her up as she entertains them.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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