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Funny Ghanaian Banners/Billboards Messages Ever

Information is key in everything we do. The ability to channel information to the recipients the right way is always a herculean task to embark on. There are many avenues of carrying information I.e traditional media, social media, signposts, and billboards.

Several individuals, churches, and businesses have had epic fails with the messages displayed on their banners or billboards.

This article has a selected few of these extremely hilarious mishaps which will make your day.

Check out the images below.

I honestly can't wrap my head around this. Is the "Give me a husband or die" message for God or the pastor. Again, who is supposed to die? God or the pastor?

All that labor and heartbroken should come for the refilling of feelings. No need for counseling.

Bukoharam and all the warmongers should go to Kofi to charge their battles for a great and overwhelming victory.

I hope this made your day.

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