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The 5 golden laws show you how to become wiser and wealthier.

Having gold isn't enough; making the most of it necessarily requires intelligence. Without wisdom, gold is quickly lost.

When a richer man's son was old enough to be his successor, the richer man sent his son away to move around the earth to prove his ability to earn his own gold and be respected for that reason. To help him on his journey, the rich man gave his son a bag full of gold and a clay tablet carrying the five laws of gold.

Ten years later, his son returned. Despite initially losing the bag of gold he had been given through bad management, he nevertheless succeeded in becoming a rich and respected man after carefully following his father’s five golden rules.

1. The man who saves 10% of his earnings receives gold gladly and in increasing quantities.

2. If you use gold wisely, it will work hard for you.

3. Contribute by taking advantage of good luck.

4. Gold slips through the fingers of those who put their money into organizations with which they are uneasy. Savvy people are those who take advantage of the advice of others who have gone before them.

5. Gold rewards those who drive it with unimaginable wealth. Becoming wealthy necessitates a fundamental, well-informed, and even a mind-set.

In the same way that his father had endured for many years, thanks to the high walls that protected his gold. 

In conclusion, money must also be protected behind the invisible walls of insurance, savings accounts, and trustworthy investments.

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