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Use coconut water to attract good luck from people

Much blesses and wisdom has been merge in our lands by almighty God, 

however, due to our lack of knowledge of them, we abandoned them.

 As many of us know a very common plant called Coconut, as long as this plant involves many of us can testify how it's worth it when it comes

 to it, health benefits when taking the sweet water in it, even though honey is the sweetness of life. 

In today's article, we are going to make use of two things which are coconut water and honey to attract good luck from people.

God has created each and everyone with a purpose of luck, some people's own may delay and others may grab it from childhood. And some folks luck get shutdown 

by their creator due to their forthfathers activities that have become a curse and those children to undergone the same curse if the action has not been taken to 

cut down that curse.

However, some people received their breakthrough through there actions they took,

so make it a point to take action. 

Just get dried coconut get out the water in it into a cup, and add one teaspoonful

of original honey, please make sure you laid the hand of original honey else it

won't work. Mix the coconut and the honey and keep them down.

Now used the mixture to rub your hands and your face anytime you are going

out and wait for the miracle.

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