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“I'm Confused”: Should I Accept This As A Birthday Gift? Please Help Me Out

Should I accept any of these bikes as a birthday gift?

I was browsing the net through my favourites channels then my bestie sent me a list of photos to choose from for my birthday gift. The first thing that occurred to me after seeing those photos was like, Can I accept these bikes as a gift?

For like 30 minutes and I haven’t still figured it out so I decided to share and take the opinion from my followers if I should accept it and which one should I accept. Before you give your response, let me share the photos with you.

The Farmers bikes

I love the design and colours but the wheels are what is pushing me off. Besides, I see this to be like a farmer’s ride and of course, I have nothing to do with farming.

The Wild Exhaust 

I can have a ride with a couple of my friends with this but my problem is that the design of the exhaust is very big and I can’t imagine the fumes that will come out.

The Crocodile

Personally, am afraid of wild animals and even I have plans to accept any of his bikes, definitely this one will be out.

Skeleton ride

I watched the Ghost rider when I was 15 years and still have a strong desire for the ride. Horrific ride! I love that but am I don’t know if a lady can have the courage to join me on this bike.

Wooden design

I think the manufactural is straight out of the woods. The design is classy and elegant. I love that.

Shell ride

Whoa! Whoa!! This is marvellous. Is these lobsters or shrimps? I believe the manufactural is just “lobsterristic” or “shrimataulogy”


Nerh! I think this is out of the list. I can’t go on the street with “shit”.

Toilet trike

This ride is trying to solve a problem that I believe people who are going on a long-distance journey can go along with.

Please be in my shoes. Will accept this gift and which one will you go for?



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