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Money the root of all evil

Money is indeed the root of all evil. People are not scared of killing fellow Human beings for rituals anymore. Because of luxurious life one wants to Live. To the extent teenagers are not scared of killing for money. It sad to see this two teenagers having the mindset of killing for rituals. Where is the God fearing factor in the heart of men. Money is not everything in this world. What is the essence after taking the money and you won't even enjoy as expected, forgetting the consequences after taking the risk of getting the ritual money. You will never be happy to even enjoy. It is best you work hard for the money even if it will take 100 years and enjoy in peace than to take and not enjoy in peace. Envy and jealousy also pushes you into evil things like this because you want to be more than someone. Simply because the person is at a level you haven't reached. Then why not work hard for yourself. It sad to see teenagers in this act. Quick money will send you to an early grave. Never desire for quick money but always seek to work hard to achieve great things.

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