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Road Accident

A clean environment, a clean car and a clean pocket, what is your choice?

As you go about your daily duties, where do you prefer to keep clean?

What becomes of the sachet rubber after drinking the water bought whiles sitting in that cab or bus? How did you disposed it off and what are the possible means of disposing it?

See below the suggested options and comment on your choice

A) Keep it in our pocket? 

You choose to save the vehicle and the outside environment by putting that rubbish in your pocket or bag. What happens afterward?

B) Leave the rubbish in the car? 

Mostly the argument is we paid a fare which we think there is a part that should cater for the waste we make in the car. Do you think that way and is that even true?

C) Throw it through the window to the outside environment?

Every rubbish we make in the car should fly away like Peter and Paul in our "2 little black birds" nursery rhyme, you think so?

You are thinking of the immediate environment and not thinking about the effect of your action.

What is your option; A, B or C. I wish you would not even think of C.

Get interactive, comment, like and share. Please do not forget to follow. 

There is always a better way.

Thank you.

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