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Debate: What is happening here, Is She the same person in the mirror?

There is nothing we no go see on these social media platforms as new photos and videos keep popping out each and everyday of which most of these videos and photos look strange and very confusing. Mdk Banahene always want the best and interesting contents for his readers, so as I was scrolling and checking on the net trying to get something unique, I came across a particular photo which is very confusing so I decided to share with my people so we all share ideas on this as a debate.

This particular photo am talking about is about a certain lady or woman in a saloon. This lady or woman is captured sitting in front of a mirror with a very nice blonde hairstyle, infact the hairstyle is very beautiful but that's not the case over here as the agenda on board we are to "Debate" on is about the lady in person and her reflection image in the mirror, "Is she the same person in the mirror"? What is happening here, can somebody please help me out? You won't believe your eyes after seeing the image of the lady sitting in front of the mirror as the person looks younger but her image in the mirror tells she is an old woman.

Are you still not confused about this picture? Is she the same person in the mirror or it's someone else? And if indeed she is the same person, what on earth will an old woman like her do with this kind of hairstyle? Please let your opinion flow in the comments section on this debate whether it's her or not and don't forget to share with a friend or loved ones and please Follow my page for more. You can also Join my Telegram platform through the link below so you can enjoy all the interesting contents at your Comfort 🙄 Zone (

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