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20 Beautiful Ceiling Designs For Your Apartment

Ceiling is an overhead interior that ignites the room with beauty. It is one least thing that people try to forget rather focusing on the wall. It is very important because it gives light to a darker room. It's traditional colour is brightly painted white.

Ceilings helps to control heat, making the room cooler a little. A room without a ceiling makes it unbearable to stay according to my experience. Everything keeps spoiling such as television, fridge and laptops because of heat.

Do you know that Ceilings can be damaged when there is a leakage. A lot of roofs get leak especially in the rainy season. The leakage can be fixed by an expert who can use certain chemicals or removing the wet ceiling and replacing it with a new one. High ceilings makes the small room bigger.

When you want your apartment to look all glamorous and beautiful, you need certain ceiling designs that would give you an idea of how you want to decorate. See these amazing designs below:

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