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Opinion:Ten Things To Do To Keep Negativity At Bay.

Life is a blessing. We all work day and night to reach our goals. Most of us think that if we reach our goals, we will be happy, we will be at peace then. However, is this valid? We see individuals chuckling, getting a charge out of certain minutes. Would they say they are happy?

We ourselves are socially happy, enjoying posting pictures in our favourite restaurants, on holiday packages, etcetera, etcetera.

Is it accurate to say that we are glad? Even after accomplishing the many objectives of our life, would we say we are fulfilled? Here and there, we feel alone amid a vast crowd. We are conversing with individuals, our relatives, friends and family, yet, at the same time, we don’t discuss what we feel. We are always using an undetectable cover to conceal our sentiments.

Why? Why don’t we discuss what we consider? For what reason do we not share what is frequenting us? If we cannot share or talk about it, we can write about it. Believe me, so much of the stress goes away when you write about it.

Never let negative words enter your mind, you’ll then start living with those. You are worthy and if you are confident, no negative word will ever come to shake your mind. We can kill this stress in distinct ways. I will highlight a few that are easy for everyone.

Be with someone who is there for you. Who can help you, make you more strong in this? Who can hear you with much interest? Someone who is not only a great speaker but also a superb listener. Someone who doesn’t judge you on your words. This one person can be from your family, a loved one, a friend, a counsellor, or a teacher/preacher. Anyone you can trust.

Try to help someone with gardening or you yourself can start with the same. It will connect you to nature and help you remove negativity.

1.Volunteer at some pleasant workplace where you can help people in unique ways. This will give you relief.

2.Go for a walk with your friends or a family.

3.Discuss something good at the dinner table with your family members.

4.Go for lunch or a coffee with friends.

5.Try some exercise with others.

6.Try to do things that make you happy.

7.Write a note to yourself every day.

8.Get on a video call with your friends.

These are a few points, many such points can help you come out of the negativity. Surround yourself with positive people. Talk to people. Don’t let negative words mess into your mind.

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