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3 Scientifically Proven Mood Boosting Plants

It doesn't take a botanist to know that happy green plants are instant visual pick me up. But these three 3 mood boosting plants, all of which are scientifically proven to improve your day, take a self care one step further. Add one or all to your home for an all natural antidepressant that doubles as decor.

1. Basil

In addition to its lovely silken leaves and delicious scent, everybody's favorite fresh herb also contains high amount of an organic compound called linalool (which is commonly used in aromatherapy). A Japanese scientist famously conducted a lab rat study that found out that exposure to linalool reduces the activity of hundreds of genes that typically go overdrive during stressful situations.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera referred to as " the plant of immorality" by the Egyptians, this beloved green was traditionally hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits. From the holistic standpoint to bring positive energy to the home. And scientifically, it purifies the air and emit oxygen at less cranky in the morning. It was also found to improve memory and reduce depression in mice.

3. Lavender

For some years, this pretty flowering herb has been used medically to calm nerves, relieve headaches, ease labor pains and prevent insomnia. It's soothing scent is still a mainstay in aromatherapy treatments. Countless scientific studies have discovered that scent of lavender had tangible effects on lowering pulse rates on nursing students in stressful situations.

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