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Spiritual benefits of bay leaves

Bay leave also know as laurel is a powerful plant that is used for making protective charms, manifestation and help increase your chances of accumulating wealth. It is used all around the globe as a key ingredient in stew and other savory dishes, but the potential uses of these leaves extend beyond the kitchen or for food. Bay leaf is been used in traditional and complementary medicinal practices for thousands of years.

Bay leaves also can be used to reduce anxiety. Burning of bay leaves gives off smoke which contains linalool which when inhaled helps to reduce anxiety.According to the theory behind aromatherapy, inhaling fragrances like linalool prompts olfactory receptors in the nose to communicate with the areas of your brain that help regulate your emotions.

In this write up I will be taking you through some of the benefits of bay leaves. But in the next write up I will teach you how to use it appropriately. Now talking of it's spiritual aspect,bay leaf or laurel is a powerful herbs that is useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing and even psychic development. Bay leaf is the easily accessible and has multiple magical uses making it one of the favorite herbs. It is easy to grow inside your home or garden.

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