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The Anlos And The Hogbetsotso Festival

The people of Ghana's Anlo tribe celebrate Hogbetsotso, a festival. It is a festival commemorating their journey from their origins to their current venue. The festival's name is derived from the ewe language and translates literally as "exodus festival." Anloga, Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Whuti, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenyigba, Afiadenyigba, Atiavi, Konu, Anyako and a few others are the anlo towns.  

They perform a ceremony to purify the traditional stool that is an important fixture in Ghanaian culture, and they clean their villages by sweeping and burning garbage. The festival culminates with a grand durbar, or reception, of chiefs and their people, which takes place on the first Saturday of November in Anloga every year. The celebration of the festival was instituted about four decades ago. Unfortunately, owing to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, it was not observed last year.

The traditional Husago dance is a must see at the festival. Cultural anthropologists say that on the night of their escape from Notse, the Anlos danced backwards to the throbbing music of the "Adekpetsi" and the "Husago" in order to avoid being tracked. 

The holiday season officially begins in October and runs through November. At the beginning of the season, the Anlo land is cleansed spiritually. They do this to cleanse the land before the set day because they think people might have populated it.  

The festival culminates in a durbar of the chiefs and peoples of Anlo. At the durbar grounds, the chiefs wear colorful regalia and receive adoration from their subjects. The entire festival is characterized by various styles of dancing, singing, and merriment.

They also display their rich culture through dancing, singing and drumming.

Many visitors have come to revere the events that contributed to the commemoration of Notse's dramatic escape.

You should aim to attend the next time it is commemorated.

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