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Do You Have Problems With Your Relationship? This Leaf Can Be Beneficial To You.

This is one of the most common plants in modern-day Ghana, but we are unaware of its abilities. The strength it possesses is greater than that of a ghost, but we are blinded by it and cannot use it. Today, I'll explain why you should be wary of this leaf and how you can make use of it to your advantage. Nonetheless, the emphasis will be put on use rather than the rest.

Mimosa Pudica, also known as the Sensitive Plant or Touch Not Plant, is the English name for the plant. It is classified as a perennial creeping plant that belongs to the legume family of plants. The plant is extremely sensitive, to the point that it folds up when you touch it or even when the wind shakes it.

The Akan name involves a man who used the herbs on his wife in the early 16th century in Kasapin, a town in the Northern sector that is now part of the Bono East area.

Agya Nimoh, one of the first settlers in Kasapin, farmed beans and yams and was wealthy as a result of his labor. Because of Agya's little time for his wife, she misbehaved and had affairs when he wasn't around.

Because of Agya's generosity, the local fetish priest gave him these herbs as a remedy for his cheating wife. The cheating wife became absolutely faithful to Agya Nimoh thanks to the powers of the leaves, and the group gave her the name "Nana Abrewa Katawoto."


Take seven of the leaves and grind the remaining leaves. Using the water and residue from the grinding to wash the bed sheets and pillow cases that you and your wife share. After you've washed the bedsheets and pillowcases, take the seven leaves you took and put them in fresh water to clean them. Don't worry if the leaves float in the water; simply clean and dry the bed sheets and pillow cases. Now have your girlfriend or wife sleep on the bed sheets with you, and she will never cheat again for the rest of her life.

Add her panties to the mixture. You can choose two or three of her pants and wash them in the same manner as the pillow cases and bedspreads. Make sure they're wearing those underpants, and you'll be surprised by how quickly your cheating partner will quit. It acts like a charm. If your partner is a guy, do the same thing, just be extra cautious because men have a keen sense of smell. Allowing them to see it as you're doing it isn't a good idea.

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