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Those who sell nose mask are now using bad ways to get and sell, read this now to protect yourself

Nose mask is a piece of fabric worn to prevent the the Coronavirus germs from getting into the nose and mouth to get into the lungs and cause death. Now, if you are not in the mask, you won't be allowed to go anywhere that's why it's now really important.

Many people are now into nose mask selling because they've noticed the business is running. Some are going through difficult ways while some are using bad ways. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Many people are now picking nose mask from the ground and washing it to resell it. One lady was caught in the act, she had a bag filled with dirty nose masks. Witnesses shows that she just put it in parazone or detergent and just wash it haphazardly.

Researches shows that the virus will still be in it since it wasn't washed well and separately. She then bought a white rubber and zipped it nicely. Others use the right polythene to do it and sell it.

So please, those wearing the mask should be observant and visit vigilant. Don't just buy nose mask from anywhere. Your life really matters, stay safe.

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