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Things to do when panicking and things not to say to a person during panic attack.

Panic attacks can be dangerous. The mere fact that you're having a panic attack, can cause you to think negatively. Panic attacks don't cause a person to die, but it may be that in that kind of situation, the person may or may not faint. It is important that when having a panic attack, if possible that someone is with you he/she may help you overcome it. But Incase you're alone, these are some things you should do when panicking.

Things to do when panicking.

1. Breath slowly

2. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth

3. Make sure you're breathing deeply

4. Focus on one thing

5. Don't think

Just in case you encounter someone having a panic attack, don't say these things.

Don't say these things to a person having a panic attack.

1. Just calm down

2. You're embarrassing yourself

3. You're overreacting

4. Don't be nervous

5. It's not that serious

One should always be mindful of the things you say to other people, you don't know the effect it may have on them. What if you had told the person having panic attack that, he/she is overreacting and embarrassing himself/herself. Just saying this could cause the person to be angry, because you see the person's situation and instead of helping, you're saying these things. Say positive things like,

Don't worry am here for you

You're doing great

Breath slowly

I won't leave you alone

Saying these things could save the person from panicking anymore, and they'll definitely calm down.

Thank you.

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