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Embrace the weekend with these funny pictures.

Weekends are one of the lovely times in the lives of most, if not all people. They usually come as a break from the stress which happened throughout the whole week. Luckily for us, today is the start of a new weekend in our lives.

Fridays are arguably one of the most interesting and liked days by most people in the world. It is already 5 pm and most people have closed from their works and schools. It is all joy this evening because after all, tomorrow is Saturday and it is certainly not going to see us in our workplaces or schools.

The joy that comes with Fridays propelled me into putting together this article. I have always known that Fridays are gold but I sat down and decided to create something which could add a hilarious touch to this weekend.

I am sure you now have a clue about this article. It is certainly going to be based on a few pictures which will certainly make you laugh. I wouldn't want to talk about the importance of laughter today because I have said it over and over again on this platform of mine.

Let me not use much of your precious time. Let us move straight into the pictures I compiled.

1. I don't know but I think the talent of this guy is failing him and therefore he decided to seek an extra help from the spiritual world. He cannot align perfectly with the execution of the beautiful game just like most of his peers are doing and hence, he went for the leg of a chicken. Looking at the picture you would be convinced that he certainly went to a shrine consulted a fetish priest who gave him that leg. This is what we call "juju" in football.

2. Have you ever been sick and after being taken to the hospital, the doctor in charge told you to take foods rich in iron? Well, this guy was certainly told to take in foods which contain iron. I do not know how he managed to decode this message wrongly, the doctor was just talking about iron as a mineral but this guy decided to take iron as an electrical appliance

3. Upon looking at this picture you would wonder why such a man will decide to pose like this after having a minor accident. I am sure most of you will not understand this but trust me, you will understand it when you fall in front of your crush.

There is a high possibility that this man saw a woman he liked at the scene and hence he decided to pose like nothing happened.

4. And then there is this traffic light over here. This isn't supposed to be funny because it creates a lot of thoughts about how the leaders in that area decided to abandon such an important thing. It is not supposed to be funny but after looking at it, nothing will tell you not to laugh.

5. This is one of the reasons why the saying about we never trusting anyone still holds. This guy went out to buy bread only to find out that it was actually not a full loaf but half a loaf bread. Imagine the pain that comes with paying in full only to realize you should have paid in half.

Have a nice weekend. Please make sure you stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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