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Playing The Game In Your Life, Don't Get Cold

Don’t Get Cold

Sadness kills the soul, leaving it in a lowly appearance

Happiness revives the soul, giving it a glowing assurance

Learn to do away with sadness to avoid early age wrinkles

And embrace happiness to have your skin twinkled

Life has become a game

If well played, you’ll enjoy its fruitfulness

And if messed up, you’ll turn to face it bitterness

Being in your room alone

You turn to think deeply on how best to get your life played

So as to avoid any mistakes

Life is a journey, full of different paths

The path you choose to have your life game played

Won’t always be full of happiness for a smooth end

But learn to also embrace the sad moments when they arise

For no condition is permanent

No matter how tough your life game becomes

Don’t Get Cold, for one-day things will change for your good 

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The Game In Your Life


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