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Put A Glass Of Water Under Your Bed Before You Sleep And See What Happens.

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Have you ever wondered why you went to bed and couldn't enjoy your night? This probably could be a result of negative energy. You might be wondering what negative energy is.

Negative energy can be caused by negative people, surroundings, and other things. For example, you may feel depressed because of how your boss or someone treated you or spoke to you.

To overcome these negative vibes, a simple yet effective solution is close to you. All you need to do is put a glass of water under your bed before you sleep. This will eliminate all the negative vibes you've accumulated during the day helping you to sleep better.

How It Works:

Before you go to bed, fill a glass with water and put it under your bed. Once you sleep, the negative energy and vibes will be collected by the water enabling you to sleep soundly.

What To Look forward To:

As the water collects the negative energy during the night, in the morning you will see that the glass is bubbled or clouded. This is an indication that it worked.

To carry out the same ritual, the glass must be emptied and then refilled for the next night.

Note: Sometimes the glass won't be bubbly but you don't need to worry. It still worked.

Disclaimer: This simple ritual has no bearing on spiritism. Water is generally believed to absorb negativity.

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