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Saying 'Hello' and other forms of verbal greetings in vehicles must stop because of this reason

The world is in a pandemic due to the outbreak of corona virus. The virus spreads through contacts with infected person. It is transmitted from the either the mouth or the nose. That is why it is important to wear the nose mask all the time.

In today's article. Let us find out why greeting in any verbal form must stop especially when one is in a vehicle or commercial vehicle.

Few people wear nose mask these days. About 20% of passengers in vehicles wear nose mask. Now when we get on board any vehicle, there should not be any greeting. Greeting means talking and talking spreads the virus when the person is infected. However one can wave to also signify greeting.

Saying Good morning or evening in a car is not bad but in this era of COVID 19, there must be a stop to it in order not to spread the disease. One can be infected and greet or talk in buses or 'trotro' and infect a lot of people especially when their nose masks are not on.

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