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Whenever You Buy 'Asanka' And 'Eta' Buy This Too And Do This Immediately

One of the oldest kitchen gadgets in most ghanaian homes are the 'asanka' or 'ayowa'. 

However no matter how old it gets we will need to change them once in a while. You should be mindful of what you buy from the roadside as 'asanka'.

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Asanka' is made craftily from soil. And we should have it at the back of our minds that soil is dirt. Aside that it is an item that is not covered right from the time it is made till it gets into your home. This will mean that many people would have handled it by the time it gets to you.

Be careful how you handle it before using it if it's either to serve food or grind ur vegetables.

When you buy it get epson salt or sea salt too. Epson salt is the hard salt that is in balls.grind it in the asanka' with ur eta. It is said that this is the last prep for the asanka' to be ready for use. 

Take note that it is after this act that you should use soap to wash the asanka'.

What do you think about this. What do you think that the salt does to the earthen ware bowl.

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