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Check out 6 Beautiful House You Would Love to Spend Your Next Night In.

Our houses are our place of comfort, shelter and security. You can claim not to have a home yet, but even the street beggar has one, in front of that store is his home.

Where do you rest your body after a long tiring day, if I may ask? Is your current home all you ever wanted or would love to have a change? If your answer is Yes, then let me introduce you to some wonderful homes you would love to have your sleep and probably have your honeymoon should you be getting ready for the altar.

Check them out

Swiss Underground House

Wow, won't the earth swallow it up? Yeah, I thought so too but was wrong. It well crafted that such will never happen save a stone rain probably. It very cosy in there and hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the earth above you.

Japanese Transparent House

Transparent home? What for? Am just surprised as you are too and don't know why someone would build such a house, entirely from glass. How would you feel if everything you were doing in your home was visible to everyone? Well, maybe you don't mind letting others into your privacy.

Canadian Spherical Tree House

Quiet beautiful house in lovely woods, isn't it? You might be as I am, love to be close to nature and smell everything fresh from the source. This house provides us just that. Distanced from all and would be a great place to hid and meditate on the future.

Portuguese Stone House

Thinking of the stones rolling? No, they won't. This stone house is well built in between two glued to earth stones and would love to sleep in between two strong arms.

Romanian Rock House

Remember those movies we watched and saw people live in rocks? Here is one. Well crafted in some huge rock just to give you the comfort you would ever want. It also much close to nature and can have all privacy.

French Solar House

This house kind of looks like a cobweb right? It's built as such but is a storey house, very spacious to accommodate you and the whole family when you go on family holidays. Nothing is so fun than having the whole family leave your usual abode and travel afar for days. Trust me, this solar house will be your best bet for the family.

Now you know where to spend your dream night when you have the chance to travel.

Thanks for reading.

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Swiss Underground House


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