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The Beautiful 3 Slay Queens that disgraced themselves seriously over food in public trends on Tiktok

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This three beautiful slay Queens were caught on camera by the roadside publicly eating.According to the news, they've finished the food and all of a sudden one of them said she is satisfied and the other one took the bawl and told her the food is finished, so she should stop lying that she is satisfied.

That anytime they will eat and then the food is finished she will just stand up and say I'm satisfied because she don't want to wash the bawl. But they were on this and then one day somebody recorded them and posted it on tik-tok and this brought a trend that shows how slay Queens eat in secrecy. I think these days TiK ToK is revealing more secrets and this slayers have to think very wise. I think this will set an example to other slayers that are coming up. Let them learn from this but I think the ladies are beautiful though let's help them make this trend.

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Beautiful Slay Queens TiK ToK


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