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Take a look at what these slay queens were doing in a small room. (video included)

Every one has what he or she does at their leisure time. Most people play games, watch movies or engage in their favourite hobby. For students, you are most likely to see them relaxing at their leisure time or engage in any other activity. The ladies in this article were caught on camera having fun in what looks to be a hostel room.

The video was recorded by one of them and it has since been trending on social media. In the video, they can be seen laughing and winding their waists to the tune of the music playing in the background. The video was recorded by one of them, who was not participating in the dance but rather relaxing on the bed. The video mysteriously made its way to various social media platforms and it has generated a lot of conversations.

The characters in the video are presumed to be students because of the setting of the room. The bed is a student sized bunk bed and the size of the room itself is very small. The social media reaction are massive, however, this is their style of having fun.

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Follow the link below to watch the full video;


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