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TV3 GMB2022 : The Organisers Deserve Special Applause For Doing This

TV3 GMB contest has proven to be one of the best entertainment shows in the country. This year's contest, like the previous ones, has been full of fun.

After 13 weeks of competitiveness, Teiya came out as the winner of the contest.

One thing that must not be overlooked is the fact that the organisers deserve special applause for their work. The organisers planned the entire event from the audition to the post-announcement of the winner.

What put the icing on the cake is how the beautiful three queens were nicely organised to visit the sponsors of the contest. Teiya, Aiko and Asiedu visited the various companies to express their sincere gratitude to them.

Is it not good to be grateful after being supported? The moral lesson from this is that a well-planned event must make a provision for post-contest events.

It is also important to note that, showing gratitude opens more doors for greater opportunities and the organisers were just spot on.

Do you agree that the organisers of GMB2022 are indeed the "best in entertainment"?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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