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Stop Throwing Orange Peels Away See The Roles It Can Play In Your Daily Life

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Many people like citrus fruits because of its sweet juice. this kind of fruits sometimes is hard to peel and also harder to eat without your hands being sticky and smelling oranges all day. 

Moreover since nobody eats the leftovers of oranges, the peels end up being thrown away but there are tons of many uses of orange peels. Here are what orange peels can be used for:

1. Natural Sponge 

Peels of oranges can be used as sponges as well.

And before the peels drys out completely, it contains variety of natural oils that are great in degreasing different surfaces and even pots and pans. 

Using orange peels are cost effective ways to cut down expenses. 

2. Deodorizer

This is not known. The refreshing smell of fresh oranges can clear-out unwelcoming odours from any room leaving a relaxing scents behind. 

Just place the peels at the bottom of trash cans or hang them up with a string in your bath room. 

3. Air Freshener

Using orange peels is a non-toxic way to refresh your home. 

Boiling orange peels or burning them in a paper bag can give off a comforting citrus smell that will last, you can even add mints or cennamon sticks to the boiling orange peels to create a custom scents to your liking

4. Refrigerator Deodorizer 

Deodorizing fridges with orange peels is an excellent ways. 

Cut orange in half and take out the fruit from the inside, then fill up one of the empty half with salt and put it in a small bowl in your fridge for a week or two and you see how refreshing your fridge will be 

5. Shine Woods

Using the white underside of an orange peel, you can give a glassy shine to door looking wooden furniture yet another way to replace toxic cleaners. 

Just rub the peels against any surface and give it a wipe with a white cloth after, your table or shelves is as good as new. 

6. Shoe Odour Remover

Put dry orange peels in a couple of sachets and inserts them into your shoes. The natural odour absorbing peels will make the shoe lesser offensive.

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