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10 Hilariously Funny Images that Will Make You Trust Ghanaians’ Sense of Humour.

In fact, if for nothing at all, I can say funny comments and wicked metaphors make me proud to be in Ghana. On our various social media platforms, we reply to comments and also make statements that will make people have a good laugh.

It is in our DNA. We love to laugh and have fun. Although we have some economic challenges since independence, we work hard and have fun. We don’t allow that to destruct our emotions.

I guess that’s why they say Ghanaians are very hospitable. We are inherently hilarious and good at communication. We call ourselves “bro” and that’s no joke. We really have an impressive empathy for ourselves and that’s why we can play around like that.

Friday nights are the best moments in the life of some workers. That’s when they have fun with friends and party hard. But the fun can travel to the subsequent days and before Monday, the eyes of the worker is still heavy and begging for sleep.

Check out the mood here, and others:  

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