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11 type of candles, colours and meanings (Read)

Hello lovely people hope everyone is doing well, am back with another amazing article which talks about candles and how to use them.

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1. Black candles : safety, protection, power and banishing

2. White candles : Peace, healing, positivity and divination.

3. Brown candles : Home, Pets, Earth and lost things.

4. Orange candles : justice, ambition, creativity and celebration.

5. Purple candles : spiritual power, third eye, break habits and drive away evil.

6. Yellow candles : intelligence, luxury, mood boost and memory.

7. Pink candles : love, friendship, nurturing and feminine power.

8. Green candle : growth, luck, money and plants.

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9. Blue candle : communication, truth, focus and forgiveness

10. Red candle : passionate love, sexually energy, physical attraction and courage.

11. Gold candles : fame, fortune, abundance, power and success.

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All the candle have their meaning and how to use them wisely.




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