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Many people think this building is going to melt on first look - See more weird photos of buildings.

Technology is advancing as population increases. Many people are coming out with new ideas and new designs.

We are here to present to you, five weird buildings that are mind-blowing. The location of these buildings are added alongside with little introductions about them.

1. The Basket Building.

The basketball building is the headquarters of the Longaberger basketball corporation, which is based in Ohio. This structure is an exact replica of the company's own basket, which was discovered as an unusual form of promotion. The construction of this 1,80000 square foot company building took two years.

2. The Atomium.

The strange call shaped Atomium building is situated in Brussels, capital city of Belgium.

Visitors may use the escalators mounted inside in the tubes. The top of the building has all of the required amenities, such as a restaurant and perspectives.

3. The Stone House.

The stone house can be found in Portugal's Fate mountains. It was founded in 1974 with the help of a flintstone cartoon as inspiration. It was constructed from two massive rocks connected by a concrete mixture. It has the appearance of a prehistoric structure and has become one of Portugal's most popular tourist destinations.

4. The Crooked House.

The crooked house is currently a peculiarly shaped part of a shopping complex in Sopot, Poland. It was created in 2004 by Szotynscy and Zalesky, who were influenced by fairy tale styles. It has also been one of Poland's most photographed locations.

Visitors get the impression that the building is going to melt in the next moment when they first look at it, which makes it stand out from the surrounding structures. It also has glass doors and illuminated blue and green enameled shingles at night.

5. Ren Building, China.

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