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Check out these funny pictures that will make your day

Have you ever felt so stressed and bored either from attending a long tiring seminar, engaged in an intellectually stimulating and demanding activity you feel you've exhausted every component of your brain or emotionally traumatized and want to relieve yourself from such a distressed state, swipe through these pictures below and have a blast.

The first picture here is a rare picture of boiled eggs sandwiched with vegetables and it cost sixty Ghana cedis. One may ask what at all makes it so special to amount to this cost and what's more intriguing about this particular picture is the caption.

It is believed in our part of the world naming a child after an attribute automatically inherit and portray such attributes of which in some cases it dosen't go that way and these children rather live their lives in contradiction to such attributes. You sometimes look at someone and their life is way opposite their name. Check this picture out.

Childhood is one of the most exciting stages in our lives where we do things we know less about and care less about what we are doing whether wrong or right. Gone were the days in sunday school where a song would be raised and we don't know the full lyrics of the song but because we know the pattern the song follows we flow along with our own version of lyrics.

What do you think is transpiring in this photo below. Bread and fire extinguisher as breakfast?

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