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Don't conclude, this picture needs a second look to confirm what is really going on

There are many people in the world all with different perspective and views. Someone can see A but because the person is pessimistic the person will say it is B. Some will see sugar and say it's salt. All is simply because of the way they see things.

We should sometimes try and to be optimistic but not too optimistic to sat sorting is good while it is bad. This world gets no balance so in everything you do you have to do it well.

Some will say but why all this talk we didn't come here for this, but as I said the world has no balance so everything you have to take advantage of it to help others.

Let's all be one and treat others fairly and equally, we are all one. Don't mind the body colour or any physical appearance, if you see someone to be going the wrong way. Don't just pass by, try and educate the person.

There are many people that needs small help and done, it's like a door which needs just a key to open. Be someone's key and God will reward you, I want to add up one more thing to this.

If you help someone on earth and the person don't thank you or reward you don't worry, God himself will reward you. Besides, you didn't come on earth to impress man but rather to impress God.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

There are many things in the world that seems to be black but they are white, they aren't what they seem to be. The picture below needs a second look to confirm what is really gping on, don't conclude:

The picture above looks like something else but if you take a second look, you will realise it is a man in jeans with a lady sitting on his back. Many people failed and thought otherwise but is wasn't what they thought it is. What were you thinking?

What did you think was going on?

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