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Strange things people do across the globe

Culture is a diverse thing. The practices and way of life of a group of people may not be the same as others. What one group does and upholds might be seen as bizarre or strange by others. This article highlights some practices of certain people across the globe which are considered as strange.

1.Famadihana (Madagascar)- Dancing with the dead.

A funerary tradition followed by the Malagasy people in Madagascar. People bring the dead bodies of their ancestors from their burial place and rewrap the remains in fresh cloth. They then proceed to dance to live music while carrying the corpses over their heads. They do this because they believe in the life lived by the dead person.

2. Polterabend - Germany.

This is a pre-wedding German tradition where friends and family of the bride and groom come together and break dishes, leaving the bride and groom have to clean up the mess. This way they get to practice “working together in difficult times.”

3.Pointing with the thumb in Malaysia.

Some countries find the act of pointing with the index finger to be rude and disrespectful. Especially, in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, this gesture can be seen as very offensive. Instead, it is customary to point towards things with the thumb as this is seen as a more polite option. Also, in some countries in Africa, pointing is reserved for artificial things and animals only.

4.Tipping in the U.S.

One odd custom in the United States is its  tipping culture. Unlike many other countries who don’t tip at all or who only tip in small amounts when the food was particularly good, tipping is rather compulsory in most restaurants in the U.S. In fact, customers are expected to leave between 10-20 percent of the bill in tips. Waiters/waitresses rely on this act of kindness for a living because legal salaries for waiters are low. There  are  even rules for tipping bartenders, delivery people and other service personnel. 

5.Kissing in France.

 Every culture has very specific ways of greeting. The French seem to take this to a whole new level with more detailed greeting rituals through kissing. For one, the rules are different for men and women. Secondly, the number of kisses required to complete the greeting changes from region to region. Furthermore, French people are expected to greet each person at a party or gathering upon arrival whether they know them or not.

6.Kneeling or bowing down as greeting in Nigeria.

Yoruba people, Nigeria, take greetings very seriously.  Especially when it involves greeting elders. Yoruba youths are expected to drop to their knees or bow their heads in greeting elders. These gestures are a sign of respect and reverence for the elders of the community. While this seen as a normal thing in many countries in Africa, it is seen weird in western countries.

7.Reaching an event on time in Venezuela is rude.

Reaching on time is considered rude in Venezuela. it is recommended to reach at least 15 minutes later than the scheduled time. Guests who reach on time are seen as being too eager and greedy.

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