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Learn To Do These Things Correctly Or You Will Slow Your Life Down Instead.

“There are a lot of things that we do in our daily life that brings a lot of curses or brings us down in life each and every day but a lot of people don't know, and they keep on doing it” said by Evangelist Prince Adu Asare as he kept on revealing a lot of things that brings the life of a lot of people down.

He noted that one of these things is the way young guys and boys put on their cap these days and the way we wear the cap has a lot of impact on our daily lives.

He said they should be worn straight to the front but if you suddenly change it to the back, it means it your lifestyle that you have turned it to the back like that so there is nothing that you will do in this life that is going to go well or prosper for you.

should be worn like this.

Not like this.

The other thing is also how a lot of people comb their hair nowadays usually we should comb our hair to the front but immediately you change it and comb it backwards, it means you are slowing your life down and therefore everything we do will never prosper in life.

So people should keep note of these things and do it the right way.

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