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Remember the woman who was abused sometime ago? This is her story now

Life is always not going to go on smoothly as planned. Letvme take you back to the physics class. Like in a wave motion, alternating crests and troughs are associated with life.

There are ups and downs as well as rise and falls. All you have to do is to never give up and keep on fighting till you become victorious.

Everyone has a purpose in life, don't lose focus on your path to discover your purpose

Some months ago, an Igbo woman with the name "Goodness" as well as her three children were thrown out of the house they lived in when her husband left her.

She was so frustrated that she threatened to abandon her three children and run away to a place where she would be at peace with herself.

All you could see was pain aggregrated in a video of a mother who was stuck in life and didn't know her next move.

Thanks to people who encouraged her to drop the mindset abandoning her kids and face the battles till she emerges victorious.

According to her, the father of the children promised to marry her but couldn't fulfill his promise.

She claims the father of the children decided not to marry her after their third child was born. He told her she wasn't a graduate and hence was not fit for him.

Didn't he realize she wasn't a graduate when he was having babies with him?

People upon seeing the video of how tensed she was and hearing her bitter story were touched and decided to make some donations to her.

This is the current picture of them, to God be the glory.

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